February 21 – 8 Week Hodgepodge

America, land of the free and home of the brave – nothing could be a better final blog theme then this. Since I usually don’t go with the assigned themes you may think I would do it for the last one. As much as I love the country I live in (and have even more appreciation for it after living in Australia) once again I am not going with the theme.

Each week we have a theme and at the beginning of each week I really tried to write about the theme but never could manage to write 500 words about it. With this week being the last blog, I have decided to share all the previous blogs I have written that were left unfinished. Note – these blogs are how I left them.

January 8 – Winery:1 Annelise:0

Note to Self: Jacky is forever a homie

January 18 – Those Roos

So Kangaroos really aren’t that special… I never thought I would say this, but they are just pests, and worse then the ones back in the U.S. Before interacting with Kangaroos I thought they were the coolest looking things and how luck Australia was to have such an awesome creature. After hanging out with them they really aren’t that great.

According to the locals, Kangaroos wreak havoc on the environment, completely destroy your car if you hit them, can be aggressive, and are incredibly dirty. Personally, there massively long tail is one of the creepiest and nastiest appendages I think here is. Like seriously what was God thinking when he created these creatures. They use their tail as balance when they walk because there front legs are too short to keep them stabilized. Also, there posture is the oddest thing.

I’m almost starting to thing dairy cows are cleaner then Kangaroos and that’s saying something. For people that have heard me talk about dairy cows know how much little respect I have for that species. (Yes if I die and can be reincarnated as an animal I would probably choose to be a dairy cow, but that is only because they get to eat and sleep all day and get to hangout with some cute farmers…)

Seriously, the only thing a Kanagroo is good for is consumption – yes I tried Kanagroo meat not only once, but twice so far.

Note to Self: Crocodile hotdogs are better then Kangaroo hotdogs

January 20 – The Roos

For a class field trip we went to the local zoo and got to see many of the native animals to Australia. Let me tell you kangaroos really aren’t that special… I never thought I would say this, but they are just pests, and worse then the ones back in the U.S. Before interacting with Kangaroos I thought they were the coolest looking things and how luck Australia was to have such an awesome creature. After hanging out with them they really aren’t that great.

According to the locals, Kangaroos wreak havoc on the environment, completely destroy your car if you hit them, can be aggressive, and are incredibly dirty. Personally, there massively long tail is one of the creepiest and nastiest appendages I think here is. Like seriously what was God thinking when he created these creatures. They use their tail as balance when they walk because there front legs are too short to keep them stabilized. Also, there posture is the oddest thing.

I’m almost starting to thing dairy cows are cleaner then Kangaroos and that’s saying something. For people that have heard me talk about dairy cows know how much little respect I have for that species. (Yes if I die and can be reincarnated as an animal I would probably choose to be a dairy cow, but that is only because they get to eat and sleep all day and get to hangout with some cute farmers…) But seriously, the only thing a Kangaroo is good for is consumption – yes I tried Kangaroo meat not only once, but twice so far. Enough about the stupid Roos, I think I have found my new spirit animal.

“My life is complete”, obviously this is a joke, but really though, how many people can say they have held a koala and taken a selfie with a koala. I would assume people never say this until they get engaged to their love, get married, have a couple of kid, the kids graduate from college, the kids get married, and then start a family of their own. Wow! That seems like a lot of time and a whole hell of a lot of stress! Thankfully, I’m me and I am easily pleased. I’m like a 6 year old child – let me what TV or eat an ice cream cone and I’m content for a while. This was the case with my recent awesome experience in Adelaide.

Note to Self: Crocodile hotdogs are better then Kangaroo hotdogs

January 23 – All Dat Hair

I’ve taken the whole “wind blown” look to the next level – from the beach to the city, the wind has definitely made its presents known. As all of these pictures show, Australia is a very windy climate. Normally I would be thankfully for the breeze in such a hot climate but no, not here.

One of the mottos of this trip is, “If you don’t take a picture, you weren’t there or it didn’t happen.” Cleary we take pictures to show off where we have been and how much fun we are having, and maybe to remember this when we are old and gray. But lets me real, we all want to make our friends and family at home jealous at how much fun we are having!

January 25 – Hostel living

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, or should I say “That’s one small step for anyone, but one giant leap for Annelise”. Being in Australia and realizing in a few short months I will be a college graduate, I have done things that I never had thought I could do. I couldn’t have said it any better then Neil Armstong; it might not physically been something big, but it has opened so many doors in the future, or at least that’s how I took it.

Being in Australia has definitely made me try new things. From riding public transportation on the daily to walking to not being afraid to ask for directions, I can proudly say I am now more confident in all of these.

Break Away- Kelly Clarkson

February 7 – Where Dreams Come True

As Walt Disney once said, “Disneyland, where dreams come true,” this may be true in the United States and theme parks around the world, but here in Australia dreams come true everywhere. While my time here I have taken selfies with Koalas and baby Kangaroos, drank wine at some of the best wineries in Australia, and have made life long friends and unforgettable memories. I feel as though I have been living in a dream for the past 7 weeks. Looking back at all the things I have done, I even surprise myself and can’t believe the places I have been or the experiences I have had good and bad.

Little over an hour a go I was “that girl” who was throwing away things from my checked bag so I won’t have to pay 100s of dollars. As my bag is open for the world to see I couldn’t help but laugh. Four out of the five people that I am traveling with had bags that were significantly over weight as well as all of our carry-ons. Yes, you read it correctly there is a maximum weight for your carry-ons! Needless to say we were definitely a show and especially for 4:30 in the morning. There was really no hope in me trying to get my checked bag in less than 20 kilos and my carry on less than 7 kilos. To add something else in the mix, my checked bag looks like it is was going to bust at the seams.

By the end of this entire show I had talked to 3 different Jetstar agents 2 of which were not the friendliest, but the last get definitely felt bad for me. As my carry-on bag was 8.6 kilos

February 11 – Better Late Then Never

This weeks theme is too ironic – one mother’s day I wrote a poem to my mom about being her being late, but that she never forgot me. I seem to have this same trait that isn’t too high looked upon. I would like to say that I run fashionably late to most places that I go. The only problem with this is that I usually look pretty haggard, so clearly I am not fashionably late. The whole yoga pants, t-shirt, bun in the hair look is how I usually roll.

Note to Self: 2.2 kilos = 1 pound and never fly Jetstar.



February 13 – Tardy to the Party… or Meeting

Is it really better to be late then never? As I am starting to get older, I’m realizing sayings like these are not always true. For examples,
“Practice Makes Perfect”. Any athlete knows this is not true because if you are practicing wrong it makes no difference how long you practice, you won’t be getting better. I could be practicing a jump shot in basketball, but if my form isn’t right it doesn’t matter how many times I do it. I feel this similarly applies to the saying “Better late then never”.

For anyone who knows me (especially my family) I always seem to run late. Growing up, and still to this day, my parents (specifically my dad) tell me to start getting ready a solid 2 hours before we need to leave. My dad would always yell up the stairs “What the heck are you doing up there?”, referring to why I am taking so long. I can almost count on him saying this before Christmas Eve church service or Christmas day, before heading over to my aunt’s for dinner; I can proudly say I WAS NOT the last person out of the house this year for both of these. More times then not, I have been running down the stairs, slamming the front door on my way out, to find my dad’s car sitting in the middle of the drive way about to leave. I have yet to be left after 21 years of being late.

These events all took place in a small town or family members house’s so it really does matter if you are late. However, becoming an adult I have realized being late is probably one of the worst things you can do and especially in the business world. I can no longer use the excuse of being late because of my brother or having to iodine a newborn lambs umbilical cord (both of which I have used, but my brother has never been late in his life). I hate when people are late because it can mess with your future plans or an entire groups plans, which is the worse. It also affects third parties like when you have reservations at restaurant. If the reservations are at 7:30pm you should probably be arriving closer the 7:20. I’ve always heard, if you’re on time you’re late, if your 5 minutes early you’re on time. This sounds harsh, but if someone is going to be late from poor timing they mind as well not come at all.

Note to self: Sheep – the perfect excuse for being late.

February 5, 2015 –The General Public

For these blogs we typically have a theme for each week. As you can probably tell, I hardly ever have a theme or follow the theme that was assigned… However, this week’s theme is one that I can truly appreciate, and it is “Learn By Doing”.

I definitely love the learn by doing motto, but had trouble thinking about what I have learned. I know I have learned so much while being in Australia, but I couldn’t think of one specific thing, except the interacting aspect with my fellow classmates. I forgot what it was like to live with non-ag majors and people that come from the city and have a city mindset. Ever since the beginning of college I have lived with people who are more knowledgeable then the media, and this is in terms of having an appreciation and some understanding of agriculture. However, living in Australia even with Cal Poly students, this has not been the case, which is fine, just different. Learning how to deal and live with these people has definitely been a learn by doing experience.

“Are you sure it’s safe to eat these?” This is the question one of my fellow classmates said as the rest of the class was devouring freshly picked blackberries. I was completely taken back when I heard this, and did my best not ripping this person a new one. Of course it is safe to eat these!! I thought it was extremely odd how the first thing that popped into this persons head was if these were safe to eat – my first thought was estimating which one was going to be the juiciest and have the most flavor. As you could probably assume this person grew up in the city and never had the experienced a stuffing of the face with blackberries event before, unlike myself. Hearing questions like these makes me more and more thankful that I grew up in the place that I did, and a little concerned for the general public.

Clearly with questions and concerns like these, the anti-agriculture campaigns are hitting people and making them concerned consumers. Honestly, knowing that a potential career of mine is going to be refuting false claims toward agriculture makes me excited yet very concerned. I would rather have ignorant consumers then consumers that know a little about that agriculture industry, but act as they know everything, and believe everything they read. From previous experience with people like my fellow classmate, they believe all the negative things like large industry farming and copious amounts of chemical spraying. When in reality the agriculture industry is mostly made up of small family farms and a cautious use of chemicals when needed.

I hope to God we can teach people like this the truth about agriculture and to enjoy some of the greatest aspects of life, like devouring freshly picked blackberries.

Note to Self: You have to appreciate people like these because they make life interesting for the rest of us.

January 29 – Ode to Jacky

So it finally happened… a professor finally called me out on my B.S…. Yep never thought I would see the day, and yet to think I was so close to graduation (just one more quarter) and it happened. Let’s just say my work is O.K., and enough to get my butt through college.

I’m not going to lie, there are more times then not that I don’t put 110% of my effort into an assignment like my fellow OVERACHIEVEING classmates. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been able to do the right amount of work for a class where I get a solid grade, and that’s good enough for me. Lets be real, I don’t really care what my grades are anymore, as long as I’m not on AP and a least pulling high C’s, I’m a freaking happy camper! I just look at it like who is really going to look at my grades after I graduate, and it’s not like I don’t know the material that is taught, I just don’t care to go the extra amount. Call it laziness, but it seems to be working. Also, I’d rather do pretty much anything else besides doing an assignment or studying for a test. I would even say I would rather attend Coach Jackie’s basketball practices in the grueling summer heat then sit on a computer for a hour writing a blog… Now that’s saying something!

Rant Begins: for all of those individuals that need to be at the top of their class (aka my brother) good for them, but I don’t want or need to compete with them. Kiss ass to your teachers and get the highest grade on the test, if that makes you happy awesome. I rather use my energy for someone else. As I have been reminded after many quarters at Cal Poly with my brother saying, “I got more then 100% in the class”. I’m no math wizard, but how in the hell do you get more then 100%?! Like really – I am truly happy for my smart brother and glad he’s pulling the high grades, but I’m pretty sure I’m a lot less stressed and having a heck of a time in college — end rant.

As I used to saying in high school before a test, “I either know it or I don’t”, and this was usually said as I was laying in bed the night before my Algebra final. By the way, I learned that osmosis doesn’t work. Many of times I have slept on books (unintentionally) and I didn’t get a single thing, well besides a sore neck. Boy was Freshman year in college a brutal awakening for myself.

In my defense (and to not sound like a total slacker in school) if there is something I am really interested in I will make sure I do the best I can. The only places I have consciously seen myself do this is when I give presentations, speeches, or I am about to have a meeting. I would say that anytime I could look bad or ignorant in a situation, I will give it my all and will usually have fun doing it. From my head to toe attire, to my speech, to the questions that could potentially be asked, I try nail it and giving more then 100%. The reason I do this is because I take pride in how I am perceived in professional situations. My biggest fear in a professional setting is looking uneducated or unprepared.

As my dad always said, “People don’t know what you think they know” This has taken me forever to get my head rapped around it, and I’m not sure if I still do. But I take it as, if you look and act like you know what your doing, people are probably going to believe that you do. I’d say acting the part is more then half of doing the actual part.

I’d have to say one of the best parts about college is that teachers don’t know you. They don’t know your history, or your parents, so really you could fudge the truth to get a writing prompt to fit your life. Yeah… I’ve done that. Pretty sure on one essay I said I had a sister and somehow miraculously surprised her and it was the best experience of my life… well I don’t have a sister, and for anyone who really knows me I’m not the ooey gooey type that says “Like OMG it was the best surprise ever” while I cry with joy telling the story. I’m definitely not a sorority girl, and I totally imagine one saying that about her fellow sister or her sorority sister (whatever). However, there are some professors that do get to know you… and these are the ones who call you out on your BS.

Back to getting called out, and of course the teacher who called me out on my B.S. is one of the chilliest professors. This lady unfortunately knows me too well and only wants the best for me and the rest of her students. I definitely feel like we are all of her kids, and unfortunately she is stuck with all of us for the next 4 weeks! Hah!

Note to Self: (Well to Jacky) I’ll try less B.S.ing things and applying myself more… maybe.

January 25 – My Week of Wellness

I never thought I would come to this realization, but I actually learned something in an assignment for school. Honestly, I know this may sound bad, but if someone where to ask me what I learned in college, I don’t know how or if I could answer that. This could be because all of last quarter I took way too many GEs and hated attending these liberal classes… but really when am I ever going to use the material taught in a GE class? Thankfully, I have major classes where I get to actually learn about life, a useful strength or skill, or myself; AGB 406 is an example of just that.

The AGB 406 class is one of the classes offered here in Australia that I believe will actually help me after graduation and in life. I feel as though half of the class I have taken at Cal Poly were a waste of time and money. The only thing I learned in these classes is how to take a scantron exam and not completely have an emotional breakdown after I fail the test… yep its happened (but I’m still graduating in 4 years!) I don’t mean to rag on GE classes, but seriously whoever made these classes mandatory was really just trying to get more money into the school system, and tank everyone’s GPA.

The most recent assignment in AGB 406 was based off of the reading in the “Happiness Advantage”. Yes, I actually have been reading the book, even though reading is one of my least favorite things to do (fun fact). The “Happiness Advantage” is a book that makes you reflect on your life and how you should be happy without getting or achieving the next best thing. The book refutes the beliefs “If I lose 10 pounds then I will be happy”, or “When I become Vice President of Sales and Marketing then I will be happy” – things should not make you happy, you need to be happy on your own. In order to accomplish this, you need to reflect on your own life, and this is what the AGB 406 assignment made you do.

In the book there is the task called the “Week of Wellness”, where you reflect on the things that make you happy, and I did just that for this assignment. Here is my personal Week of Wellness:

My Dad <3


My wellness week would consist of the people, food, and places I love the most. My ultimate happy place is when all three of these are included; I am fortunate enough that this concept is not a fantasy, but a reality in my life.

Monday– fly to SLO from Adelaide

-first class of course

-chocolate fruit and champagne constantly

-ideally a short layover

-have my brother pick me up at the SLO airport

-go to Sushiya for dinner

Tuesday– Taco and Tot Tuesday

-sleep in

-go shopping in downtown SLO with Garrett

-buy a cute outfit for tonight

-go out to lunch

-watch t.v./relax

-get ready for dinner with friends

-go to Taco Tuesday lots of margaritas of course

-end night at SLO Brew

Wednesday– 2 4 1’s at Bulls

-sleep in

-go to Avila with friends

-have lunch in Avila

-come back home and take a nap

-get ready to go out

-rally the troops for downtown, everyone can make it DT

-get SLO safe ride to take us downtown

-hit up Bull’s

-end night at Enzo’s Pizza

The Fam Bam

The Fam Bam

-have Peter come and pick me up

Thursday– Home to Healdsburg

– go to Charlie’s Place for brunch with friends

-not be hung-over from the night before

-catch the flight home with my brother

-have mom pick us up at the Santa Rosa airport

-dad’s preparing dinner

-come home and have an awesome BBQ chicken dinner with homemade Caesar salad and garlic bread and can’t forget the wine!

-all watch TV. in the family room and pass out on the couch



Friday– Pick up Bea aka BFF from the airport

-flew Bea home to be with me for the weekend

-pickup lunch and bring it back to my place

-Peter, Bea, and I gorge ourselves on food while watching TV.

-take a little nap on the couch

-get up to go feed sheep and visit with Marty

-come back home and have the typically Friday night steak dinner with potatoes, salad, and wine.

-end night watching TV. with the family

Saturday– Repeat a Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house in Sonoma with all the crazy Europeans and Bea

-get up early to have breakfast with friends from home

-come home and get ready to leave

-arrive at Aunt Eva’s (all the family is able to come)

-pregame with the cousins for Thanksgiving dinner

We so aren't related...

We so aren’t related…

-take hilarious family pictures

-enjoy thanksgiving dinner (all the fixings)

-eat dessert

-get ready to go downtown with my cousins and their friends

-party downtown!

-manage to make it home

Sunday– Family Day, All Day

-watch a football game on TV.

-eat Panini’s


-bake cookies/cakes

-eat cookies/cakes

-help fix salad for dinner

-enjoy last family dinner before I go back to Australia

Note to Self: Reflect on your Week of Wellness often, and add to it.

January 21 – Heck no, FresNO

Cover letters, resumes, and professional emails have pre occupied my time for the past couple of days. I was really not looking forward at starting this horrendous task of searching for a job, but it has to be done, and I got freaking good at stalking companies to get direct email addresses and not their generic email server. I came to the realization that this Australia trip will end in about 6 weeks and I will have to go back to reality aka me graduating and entering the real world. I’m literally terrified… where the heck did my almost 4 years of college go?

For the past couple of days I have very diligently been working on sending my cover letter and resume to about 30 different companies that will be at Ag Showcase. Clearly I couldn’t make it because I’m here, but this gave me the perfect excuse to send them an email for a potential job or internship. To my surprise I actually got some emails back – not necessarily for jobs, but giving me direction as where I should apply and when. It definitely wasn’t anywhere close to 50%, or even 30% of responses, but I’m stoked at the few replies I did get back.

As I was going through all the different companies, all of the locations were posted, and unfortunately they were all in the freaking Valley or Central Coast… O heck no! I will not be moving to the Valley – I would rather work in some sketchy city with juvenile delinquents them move and work in the Valley.

Even though I will be graduating in June with a degree in Agriculture Science and a minor in Agriculture Business, I don’t know if I will be working in the agriculture industry after I graduate. I love the ag industry for the most part, but all of the jobs are in undesirable places, or at least in my opinion. High 90’s to 100 plus degree weather is not my cup of tea, not even when I’m laying by a pool on vacation. The valley of California is unfortunately known for that kind of weather, not all of the time, but certainly in the summer.

I’m seeing myself working in the medical sales industry or any sales and marketing industry that is in a half decent location. Even though I lack music and artist knowledge, I think doing event or concert sales would be an awesome job. Hopefully the jobs like this would probably be in a city and not in a place like Fresno. However being fresh out of college, and as much as I am anti-valley or Central Coast, I feel as though I need to keep my options open. But seriously, all jokes aside, I may be working with juvenile delinquents…

Note to Self: Spell-check the crap out of your resume – it’s Linkedin.

January 13 – The Happiest Place On Earth

As part of my Ag Business senior project class we go on trips to different places in Australia. It’s so legit and it gets even better, the students get to choose where we go – score! Thank goodness I have a class were we are limiting our classroom time and actually learning about the real world while experiencing it first hand. Since there is only 6 of us in the class we get to plan an entire day to do whatever we want, Jacky just has to approve it. So far skydiving and shark diving are out, but I’m totally ok with that.

This week it was Jordan’s choice and boy did he score. He took us to Haigh’s chocolate factory where we were feed chocolate like King’s and Queens, well maybe not that much, but free chocolate is free chocolate, and it was pretty good. When we were not inhaling the chocolate, we got to see the behind the senses making of it. It was really interesting to how each candy was made, but what I thought was more interesting was the demographics of the workers.

Being from California and observing the agriculture industry as well as the food industry, most if not all our laborers are Hispanic. Clearly this is the case because Mexico is so close, and the U.S. pays better then Mexico, however here Australians don’t have that. My question is where do all of the laborers come from? By just looking at the laborers that worked in the chocolate factory I would assume a good majority of the working class laborers would have to be from the Middle East or the Indonesian island.

Honestly, if I weren’t going to be receiving a college degree I would probably move her to work. Their minimum wage is so much higher and the Australian people are taken care of by their government. After talking and hearing from Australians, they seem to like their health care system. Also, people seem to be happier here and more worry free. No one seems to be protesting anything like I would assume to be seeing if we were back in the U.S. and especially in the capitol city of the state.

Even though Australia seems to be all fine and dandy, as of this moment I don’t know if I could move and live in Australia. This may change, but I feel like I would have to go through some serious adjusting. I would like to move to a city after I graduate, but I don’t think my experience needs to fulfilled in a completely different country. Moving to San Francisco or Los Angeles or even out of state should be just fine.

Note to Self: Australians in general are definitely happier people then Americans.

How You Can Eat More of These 5 Winter Fruits and Veggies

Love when I see a nationally known magazine promote agriculture!


I frequent my local farmers’ markets year round, and while I adore summer selections like berries, cherries, and melon, I also get excited for winter’s bounty. Here are five of my in-season favorites, why they’re so good for you, and easy, delicious ways to incorporate them into meals and snacks.


One cup of beets contains more than 30% of your daily folate needs, a B vitamin that helps the nervous system function. Too little folate has been linked to mental fatigue, forgetfulness, and insomnia, and several common medications can deplete the body’s supply of folate, including cholesterol-lowering drugs, anti-inflammatory meds, and birth control pills. This root veggie has also been shown to significantly boost endurance. When UK researchers asked athletes to sip either 16 ounces of organic beetroot juice or a placebo, those who downed the real thing cycled for up to 16% longer.

How to eat…

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January 11 – Sunday Adventures

Adelaide Botanical Gardens

Adelaide Botanical Gardens

Typically on a Sunday I never get out of my pajamas and lay in bed for as long as I can – the whole “Sunday is a day of rest” is my motto. But not this Sunday! I figured might as well be a tourist while I’m here and check out all Australia has to offer.

Adelaide has to probably be one of the most interesting cities I have been to in terms of vegetation and landscaping. There are so many native trees lining the sidewalks all over not just around the parks. In other cities I have been to, trees are non-existent and I’m pretty sure it’s because the air quality is not the greatest in those cities. In Adelaide this is not the case. There are luscious gardens throughout the city, a river with lots of plant life, and a botanical garden one can spend hours wandering through.

Before a few of us set out on our Sunday exploration, we looked up some of the best things to do in the city. To my surprise most of them had to do with the outdoors and natural sites rather then buildings and indoor activities. One of the top hits was the botanical gardens that was located in the city. After taking so many horticulture classes at Cal Poly I figured it would be pretty interesting to check out, and I was right.

Oh My Gosh! I felt like I was in Jumangi or Jurassic Park. I have never seen plant leaves this large nor have been surrounded by this much vegetation. Every plant was so cool and had a very different look then the plants we have in the. U.S. Seriously plants in the U.S are nothing in comparison to the native plants in Australia. Also, I feel like Australians care more about horticulture and their native species more then we do. The botanical garden space was huge and took up some prime reality. How the city is able to pull this off, I have no idea. I wish more cities in the U.S. set aside prime space for their horticulture like Australia.

Note to Self: Check out a prime destination spot every Sunday while in Australia.

January 7- Australian Grown

It’s interesting how drastically the names of grocery stores change from state to state let alone country to country. One of the nearest grocery stores to me is called Woolworth – it reminds me of a Dollar Tree but with food. Literally their placement of the products makes no sense and I spent a good amount of time in there searching for plastic utensils. You would imagine that all the plastics and paper items would be in the same spot but they weren’t. However, it did have a pretty neat layout. Woolworth is a two-story market with a flat escalator allowing people to go from one level to the other with their shopping cart. This design was definitely the perfect design for a large scale shopping market in a city.IMG_9642

For the AGB 463 class one of our lessons was to observe the differences in grocery stores from back in the U.S. There was definitely more of a variety in meat selection here then back in SLO – Woolworth had kangaroo and the other typical types of meat. However, most of their fish was frozen but had a variety of kinds. I was excited when I came to the bottom level and saw all the fresh fruits and vegetables. I do have to commend Woolworth for their variety and quality of produce. I assumed their quality of produce was not going to be that great because we are on an island, but this is not the case. They even had a solid section for the organic lines (not for me, but they had that option).

One of the significant differences I noticed was the packaging of bananas. The tips of the bananas were dipped in red wax for no other reason except for the marketing aspect. The Pacific Coast Eco Bananas dipped tips indicate:

  • A Significant drop in production yields due to reductions in fertilizer use
  • Increased labor costs associated with environmental farming techniques
  • Increased cost of processing and packing
  • Increased packaging costs
  • Continual research and development costs which are carried by our business
  • Promotion costs associated with ensuring the customer is informed with accurate details relevant to the integrity of Pacific Coast Eco Bananas.

Even though these bananas were the more environmentally friendly grown option, they weren’t too much more expensive then bananas back in California. I thought it was really neat that all of the produce was labeled with “Grown in Australia” with the Australian flag on it and a QR code to meet the farmer. California does have this, but I don’t think it’s as prevalent.

I was perusing the vegetable section and found one of my favorite vegetables that I can’t live without – carrots. I did notice that the carrots grown here seemed to be more flavorful and sweeter then the carrots back home, but also went bad more quickly. As for the marketing side of the carrots, there were no baby carrots to be found anywhere.

Note to Self: Australian carrots are better.